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Baby & Me Classes

All classes were developed by Eileen Ladino, a sign language interpreter and certified teacher of deaf and hearing children with 15 years of teaching experience.

  Click here for our SCHEDULE of classes, workshops 
and free presentations.

Q1. Who should take Baby & Me classes?

Q2. What will we learn in Baby & Me classes?

Q3. What if I miss a class?  How can I make it up?

Q4. Where are these classes held?

Q5. When will the next series of classes start?

Q6. How much do the Baby & Me classes cost?

Q7 Who should take Refresher classes?

Q8. How can I register?

1. Who should take Baby & Me classes?

       The Baby & Me  sign classes are designed for parents, caregivers, and grandparents with pre-verbal infants and toddlers. Although parents can start using signs at any time with their baby, they can expect their child to be most receptive after 6 months of age.  These classes are most appropriate for all children who are between 6 months and 3 years of age and not yet able to articulate everything they want to say.  Signs taught will be developmentally appropriate for infants and toddlers and are based on American Sign Language.

     Parents of international adoptions have also found baby sign language to bridge the gap of communication while the child transitions from one language to another. Please see the following link for more information on adoptive families using signs:



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2. What will we learn in a
Baby & Me class?

      At this time, tiny fingers is offering a series of 6 lessons which teach 15-20 signs each on a given topic.  All signs taught are developmentally appropriate for infants and toddlers and based on American Sign Language. You will be shown how to introduce and use these signs to your child on a daily basis and the common progression of sign reproduction in children. During each class, we will introduce an activity to reinforce the signs and will learn to sing and sign a familiar song related to the theme of the lesson.  A few additional signs will be introduced for use in the songs. 

      In addition to the 6-week courses, we are now offering 3-week condensed classes. The 6 topics covered in both the 6 week classes and 3 week condensed classes are First Signs, Mealtime Signs, Bedtime/Bathtime Signs, Animal Signs, Playtime Signs and Dressing Signs. The 3 week classes cover two lessons each week over a 75-min. period while the 6 week class covers one lesson each week during a 45-min. class.

     The classes are geared mostly toward the parents since babies of any age would need much more than an hour's exposure to sign language to master the signs. Our objective is to make sure the adults learn the signs so that they can then continue to expose their child to them in context at home. The more a child sees a sign, the sooner it will have meaning and he/she will start using it. As a result of this approach, the children in all our classes are of mixed ages and typically between 4 months and 2 years of age.

3. What if I miss a class? How can I make it up?

     If you were to miss a class, you may make it up by attending the same session of any other class on our schedule. We have classes starting up rather frequently, in various locations. You can check our schedule and let us know what works for you in advance. It is not required that you attend a make-up by the same teacher or at the same location.  Furthermore, please note that the signs from the previous lesson are always reviewed at the start of the next lesson.


Tiny Fingers also offers 
Intermediate Workshops
in which you would learn signs for:

Workshop I:
more animals
more foods

Workshop II:
feelings & emotions 
out & about

The price of this two-part workshop is $40 per parent/child; $75 for two parents and child.  No extra charge for twins.

Please see our schedule or contact us to request or inquire about these workshops. 


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4. Where are these classes held?

We are now offering classes in a variety of locations throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.  Please see our schedule page for locations.

Contact us to discuss scheduling classes at an additional
location of your choice!


  Click here for our SCHEDULE of classes, workshops 
and free presentations.

5. When will the next series of Baby & Me classes start?

Please see our schedules page for the current listing of classes.

If there is a need, additional classes can be scheduled.  
contact us if this is an interest.



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6. How much do the Baby & Me classes cost?

The price for both the 3 week condensed class and 6 week series is the same since they cover all the same lessons. 

$ 80 for one parent and child.
$140 for two adults and one child.

Workshops are offered at the following rates:

$ 40 for one parent and child
$75  for two parents and child 

No extra charge for twins.
Additional siblings (or adults) may attend class for half price.



7. Who should take Refresher classes?  

If you've taken our beginner class before but have forgotten many of the signs, you are welcome to re-register for a second series of beginner classes for only $40 ($75 for 2 adults).  All our Baby & Me classes on the schedule are open to you as refresher courses.


8. How can I register?

Please go to to sign up for classes or workshops.  Mail in or online registration is offered. 


Please contact us with any questions regarding classes.
The best way to reach us is by email. 

click to send email     703-823-5747


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