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Why should I sign with my baby?

*Your 8-month-old could ask for milk when she's hungry.*
Your 10-month-old could tell you he saw an airplane.*
*Your 15-month-old could ask you to read a book.*
Your 18-month-old could tell you if she has an earache.*
*Manage behavior in public without your voice.*
Unlock the thoughts, observations & wants of your child with the gift of 
American Sign Language!

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Alexandre signed "fan" a few weeks ago for the first time. He now makes us walk back and forth between our room and his room so he can point to the ceiling fans and make the fan sign. The coolest thing was that last weekend we were outside having a BBQ and after the sun set things cooled down and a breeze kicked in. As I was nursing him, a breeze blew over his hair and he stuck his hand in the air and signed "fan". I could never have had that amazing moment without your class! Thanks so much.


Sign Language Videos

Learn sign language along with your baby, toddler or child with these playful videos.

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Teach Baby Sign Language Classes!

See our teaching kit and  start your own
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If you sign with your baby, you will:

  • reduce frustration with communication

  • strengthen your parent-infant bond

  • jumpstart language development with signs

  • stimulate intellectual development

  • enhance infant self-esteem

  • realize that signing with your baby is as easy as waving bye bye!
    . . . and gain insight into your baby's world!

now available 
in any amount.

Perfect for a 
baby shower or 
first birthday gift! 

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