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Teach your baby to communicate before speech with the 
tiny fingersbook of Baby Sign Language Cue Cards
This book is spiral bound for your convenience.

Also available at wholesale rates for multiple orders.  
  • Includes pictures, sign illustrations the 90 most useful ASL signs for babies, toddlers & their families.

  • Only one picture is visible at a time to focus your child’s attention.

  • Divided into 6 color-coded sections: first signs, mealtime signs, bedtime signs, animal signs, playtime signs, and dressing signs

Number of Books
  • Includes a listing of tips for success with baby sign language, a table of contents listing the vocabulary in each section as well as an alphabetized index.

  • Will serve as a tool for review and reinforcement of signs for parent, child, and caretaker.

  • Measures 4" x 5.5"; small enough to fit in a diaper bag.

  • Pages are printed on durable heavy card stock.

  • Book is spiral bound and will stand on its own when open.

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Alexandre signed "fan" a few weeks ago for the first time. He now makes us walk back and forth between our room and his room so he can point to the ceiling fans and make the fan sign. The coolest thing was that last weekend we were outside having a BBQ and after the sun set things cooled down and a breeze kicked in. As I was nursing him, a breeze blew over his hair and he stuck his hand in the air and signed "fan". I could never have had that amazing moment without your class! Thanks so much.


I'd like to share the  story of my friend Elke. Her daughter is only three months older than my twins.  I excitedly  passed my [Tiny Fingers 
Baby Sign Language Cue Card] book along to her when I started signing to my twins to encourage her to sign to her daughter. Her daughter  was around 10 months old. She signed with
her for a week, nothing happened so she stopped.  Elke called  me back when her daughter was around 13 months old, things were out of control at her house.  She said  there were tantrums, crying, pointing, grunting, guessing what was wrong  with the baby. She wanted that book back.  One week later, she saw me at church to tell me that there had been a complete turn around in her house, her daughter had learned five signs and the crying and tantrums were almost gone.