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Class Descriptions
All classes are designed for babies & toddlers, ages 0-2.5 years & those who care for them.  

Tiny Fingers offers an opportunity for you and your entire family to interact and communicate with your child on a completely new level. The Tiny Fingers program uses American Sign Language for early communication and long-term learning with hearing infants or toddlers. Through play, activities, songs, and games, you and your child will be given the tools to communicate months earlier and with a broader, more extensive vocabulary than with spoken words alone. Tiny Fingers opens up a new world of communication, intimacy, and ideas in young children.

What will we learn?  Whether you are enrolled in a class or a workshop, you will be shown how to introduce and use these signs to your child on a daily basis. During each class, we will introduce an activity to reinforce the signs and will learn to sing and sign a familiar song related to the theme of the lesson.  A few additional signs will be introduced for use in the songs. All signs taught are developmentally appropriate for infants and toddlers and based on American Sign Language. 

Is this a class for babies or parents?  This class was developed for parents to learn signs in a baby friendly atmosphere.  Strategies for parents to use signs, paired with speech, in natural contexts such as during meals, bath time, or while at play will be discussed.  Since we cannot expect the babies to focus on a full length lesson nor leave a class having learned all the signs from the one exposure, our focus is to ensure the adults have learned the signs so they are able to provide adequate exposure and repetition of these signs to their children in context.  While the adults are learning, the children are playing among us with toys that represent the signs we are learning, providing the perfect opportunity to introduce some of those signs to them in context.

Baby and Me  Workshop
One 75-minute session
$40/adult and child; $75/2 adults and child (no extra charge for twins)

You will learn 35+ practical signs for general use and some specific to mealtime, 2 or more familiar songs, and you will be engaged activities to reinforce the signs.   More Info


I'd like to share the story of my friend Elke. Her daughter is only three months older than my twins.  I excitedly  passed my
[Tiny Fingers 
Baby Sign Language Cue Card] book along to her when I started signing to my twins to encourage her to sign to her daughter. Her daughter  was around 10 months old. She signed with
her for a week, nothing happened so she stopped.  Elke called   me back when her daughter was around 13 months old, things were out of control at her house.  She said  there were tantrums, crying, pointing, grunting, guessing what was wrong  with the baby. She wanted that book back.  One week later, she saw me at church to tell me that there had been a complete turn around in her house, her daughter had learned five signs and the crying and tantrums were almost gone.


OMG, [Moriah] picked it up right away and signs all kinds of things to us now [that she's 12 mos. old]  She can sign:  eat, more, water, sleep, dog and bath.  I am trying to teach her bird and baby now...we love the benefits we have seen from the class.  Thanks for getting us started!!!


Private Classes and Workshops can be arranged for your private group Workshop: $40 for parent/child; $75 for 2 adults/child; Class: $90 for parent/child, $140 for 2 adults/child
(no extra charge for twins)
See above descriptions of classes and workshops.  Please contact us to schedule a workshop for your group at a mutually convenient time and place.  Classes can be held either at our Fairfax location or at your home.   

We require a minimum of 6 adults for our  workshop.  Payment must be received one week before the workshop and must be made in full.