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tiny fingers  sign language materials     Wholesale Order Form  

ONLINE ORDERS:  If you prefer to place your order online and pay via PayPal, please contact us 
at to make arrangements.

To pay by personal check, cashier's check or money order, please print, complete and mail 
this order form to the address below.  
Checks should be payable to Eileen Ladino and mailed to:

Eileen Ladino, 5311 Gainsborough Drive, Fairfax, VA 22032

Name:   ____________________________________________________________________

dress:  __________________________________________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________________________

Please note:  Shipping prices only valid within the U.S.  Contact us for International Shipping.
Please contact us first at if you would like your order shipped internationally.
Return Policy:  Any unsold books may be returned, in original condition, for a full refund.

Item Number ordered Cost 
per item
Priority Mail Shipping
& Handling
Tiny Fingers 
Teaching Kit
________ $149.00 Priority Mail: FREE __________
Cue Card Books (order of 10 or more books at 30% discount) _______ $17.50 $1.25/ book shipping __________


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